Our biggest obstacles as mothers is that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others.
Am I good enough? Did I make the right choice? Am I doing a good job? Was that supposed
to go in there? In all honesty we will never know if we are doing a good job as there is no
written manual on how to do this and it’s as though as we walk a path of finding out who we are as women, the questions change and become more intense. For example when your looking for a life partner your surrounding circle start to ask: “When are you getting marred?” and once you have been barely married for 1 year they start to ask:” When are you having babies?” or my favourite :”Your clock is ticking you know”. It seems as though they never stop.
What I have come to realise, is that only I can decide what is best for my family as only I
know my circumstances and what I can handle. It’s no use comparing myself to other moms who seem to be having it easy because in all honesty what mom actually has it easy? We all need to understand that no matter the brave face we put on in the morning when we leave the house, we are all fighting our own battles. We all have a story and as women we should be encouraging, uplifting, guiding, assisting and motivating each other to keep pushing through our struggles. We are the example our children see.
So my aim in starting this passion project is to uplift and motivate mommies all over the
world to accept your flaws, embrace your faults and strive to be the best version of yourself as you can be and the rest will slowly fall into place. Instead of striving to be THAT mom ( the one we always compare ourselves to) learn to master being THIS mom, the one you were destined and designed to be.